Effective Development Of Stranded Resources

Harvester Energy is a company that is fit for purpose for the energy transition where there is an ongoing, increasing need for energy but recognises that new methods and technology are required to produce quickly, and cost-effectively with environmental targets of zero flaring and net zero emissions.

Traditional facilities for developing oil and gas fields are highly capital-intensive, requiring many years of operations to recoup the initial investment – production horizons that are becoming incompatible with social aspirations for the implementation of clean, renewable energy. While renewable energy sources are being built at scale, Harvester Energy will support society through the transition, by operating short-duration, conventional hydrocarbon developments which end with very low abandonment costs, and nothing left on the seabed.

About the Pivotree™ technology

The Pivotree™ system is a development concept for oil & gas fields that are too small to support a conventional-sized facility on a standalone basis, and too far from existing facilities to tie back. Pivotree has redefined “minimal facilities” to dramatically reduce capital, operating, and abandonment cost, opening a route to market for the owners of stranded resources.

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