Block 29/7b – Curlew A: Cromarty and Odin oil discovery


  • ~20km2 closure

  • 92-95 metres water depth

  • ~150m column height

  • 10m net oil pay in Odin-Cromarty Tertiary sands

  • 30% porosity sands and likely high permeability

  • Thin sands below seismic resolution

  • Similar to salt dome fields Orion and Stella

  • P90 volumes too small to develop normally but with Pivotree we are able to develop with the P90 volumes with a single well development.

Top Balder depth corrected to the 29/7-1 discovery well.
– 5m contour interval 25m contours highlighted

Palaeocene – Lower Eocene stratigraphy of the North Sea and Faroe-Shetland basin (Mudge, 2014)

Upper Dornoch and Sele sandstone distribution, North Sea (after Mudge, 2014). Red polygon is 29/7b block location.

N-S and E-W seismic sections in depth across the Curlew A Structure.

Shell Spectral Decomposition Analysis (a) without interpretation and (b) with interpretation.

Application area in red. Curlew A yellow outline. 29/7-1 discovery well labelled #5.

Well 29/7-1 well CPI Harvester and petrophysical summary by Harvester and previous operator Corallian.

Christopher Merrick, Managing Director

Stephen Molyneux, Subsurface Manager