Block 22/12b – Phoenix: Forties oil discovery


  • Forties sand oil discovery (22/12-10 Shell)
  • 1.5km2 to 4km2

  • Thick 23% porosity sands

  • 300mD+ permeable sands

  • 15-25m light oil column

  • Volumes too small to develop normally

  • Pivotree able to develop low P90 volumes with a single or multi well development from same borehole

Palaeocene Lithostratigraphy showing the Forties play fairway. Red arrows show approximate location of Phoenix. Modified from Millenium Atlas, 2004.

Location of Palaeocene fields and 22/12b (red box) showing the majority of discoveries are deep water fan sandstones, modified from Millenium Atlas, 2004.

Subtle Phoenix depth structure map (metres) spilling to the NW. Reservoir compartmentalisation is suggested by the 22/12a-12Y well that found water bearing reservoir 2m above the OWC
(2517 mTVDSS) seen at 22/12a-10 but is within the range of uncertainty.

NE-SW and NW-SE arbitrary seismic lines showing the subtle Phoenix structure and the well calibration to the Top Forties Sandstone.

Petrophysical analysis of Well 22/12a-10 across the Forties Sandstone Member

Christopher Merrick, Managing Director

Stephen Molyneux, Subsurface Manager