Pivotree™ Technology

About the Pivotree™ technology

The Pivotree™ system is a development concept for oil & gas fields that are too small to support a conventional-sized facility on a standalone basis, and too far from existing facilities to tie back. Pivotree has redefined “minimal facilities” to dramatically reduce capital, operating, and abandonment cost, opening a route to market for the owners of stranded resources.

How Pivotree™ Technology Works

The system consists of two elements: a single, subsea production Christmas tree called the Pivotree™ that provides the station keeping (mooring) for a small floating production, storage, and offload vessel (FPSO).

The Pivotree™ enables well control, production and mooring of an FPSO. The Christmas tree consists of an assembly of valves and spools, hosted on structural steel blocks that form a pressure containing, flow control system for a hydrocarbon well.

The FPSO vessel supports surface separation and processing facilities that are modularised, common discrete components as would be used in any offshore production facility. Ships’ systems are upgraded with gas engine power generation, utilising associated production gas for power. The FPSO will integrate a ROV, and crane(s) sized to allow for recovery of the replaceable subcomponents. 

Designed in accordance with relevant international codes and standards, Pivotree™ delivers all the control functions of larger systems while maintaining the required safety features without increasing operational risk.

An Innovative Solution

Agile Development Cycle

The Pivotree™ is designed with a 15-year life meaning that it can be moved from field to field utilising the same subsea and surface equipment. A string of three-to-five-year projects can be produced in the Pivotree’s useful lifespan.

Faster to First Oil

The Pivotree™ system accelerates the path to first oil and cash generation by reducing construction time, eliminating installation time, and being production ready when the FPSO enters the field.

Reduces CAPEX, and OPEX

The Pivotree™ technology uses only the absolute minimum facilities required to safely exploit a single well. There are no spread moorings required and the FPSO does not need a turret. Pipelines are eliminated along with any toll agreements. The FPSO operates with a small crew and where available is powered by associated gas.

Reduces environmental impact

The Pivotree™ system has a significantly reduced quantity of materials compared with conventional field development concepts. The FPSO will integrate flue gas capture technology from our Partner Axens to reduce our CO2 emissions. We will also integrate an innovative Gas-to-Liquids process from our Partner GasTechno to redirect any excess gas for conversion to liquid fuel, eliminating flaring.

Reduces Abandonment Expenditure

At the end of field life, once the well is plugged and abandoned there is nothing left on the seabed. No other system can claim a lower abandonment cost.

Redefining Minimal Facilities

The Pivotree Harvester system reduces the time to first oil. Innovation in technology and business model for agile operators to produce a series of known reserves with maximum capital efficiency and high return on investment.